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UPDATE: Dallas Man Accused Of Killing Female Friend For Beating Him In Basketball Game Arrested

Cameron Hogg (left) is accused of fatally shooting Asia Womack (right) — Left photo via FOX 4 | Right photo via PEOPLE


Authorities in Dallas have charged a man with murder for allegedly killing his female friend after she defeated him in a pick-up game of basketball. On October 3, FOX 4 reported that the suspect, 31-year-old Cameron Hogg, shot and killed Asia Womack.


Hogg was arrested on Thursday and is still being jailed without bond. According to the victim’s family, Hogg and Womack got into a verbal fight while playing a game of pickup basketball, which she finally won. They added that there was foul language spoken during the game.

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Following the heated game, Hogg allegedly shot Womack multiple times after he went to a different location to confront her. Authorities also said that Hogg fatally shot his female friend after the two got into an argument following a pick-up basketball game.

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“He’d pull up to my house, pick her up. They’d ride together, eat food together, take his phone calls, give him money in jail, and you turn around and kill her?” Womack’s mother, Andrea, said. “When I got that call, I was full of joy this morning. Hadn’t had joy in a while. But with him being captured, I am full of joy today.”

According to court filings, Womack was outside with a companion when Hogg shot and murdered her. Police were informed by the witness that Hogg drove to their place and stormed out of it. She claimed that once she stood up to face the perpetrator once more, he started shooting at Womack. She was shot four times by Hogg.

According to FOX 4, the witness later recognized the culprit in a line-up of photos. He killing his friend over a basketball game was stupid. Even over words,” remarked Andrea. The remarks that were said following the game, not the actual basketball game.

This isn’t the first time Hogg has been criminally charged in Dallas County. His criminal record spans a period of more than 10 years. Some of the previous charges brought against him include robbery, family violence, and aggravated assault.

Following the fatal incident, Womack’s mother said that coming to terms with her daughter’s death has been a challenge. “Won’t have the love. She is not here anymore. He took our joy,” Andrea said.



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