Ugandan Church Breaks Guinness World Record After Clapping For Over 3 Hours

While celebrating its tenth anniversary, a Ugandan church set the Guinness World Record for the longest applause. According to Guinness World Records, members of the Phaneroo Ministries church clapped for three hours and sixteen minutes, maintaining an average sound level of 88.5 dB.


“For the attempt to be valid, they had to remain above 80 dB for the entire duration,” Guinness World Records added. The “Clap For Jesus” event, which took place on July 30 in the Ugandan capital of Kampala, drew 926 people. Every participant was forced to clap at all times, and those who did not were ejected from the group by a steward.


Guinness World Records stated that bathroom breaks were not permitted, but that if a participant grew thirsty, a steward would assist them by bringing a bottle of water to their mouth, which they may sip while continuously clapping.

The event was live-streamed and viewed by many people across Uganda. “In a time where many are struggling as a result of various life events, I wanted to bring people to a place of thanksgiving and celebration,” Grace Lubega, the leader of the church, said.


“We sought to send a message to the world that regardless of the struggles and difficulties, we must have room for gratitude and thanksgiving.”


Clark Stevens and The Festival of Awesomeness (UK) set the previous record of 2 hours 5 minutes in 2019.

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