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Twin Sisters With Immigrant Parents from Haiti Become Valedictorian and Salutatorian

Gloria and Victoria Guerrier
Gloria and Victoria Guerrier
Gloria and Victoria Guerrier
Gloria and Victoria Guerrier


Gloria and Victoria Guerrier, twin sisters from New York, have been elected valedictorian and salutatorian of their high school class. Gloria Guerrier is the valedictorian of West Hempstead Secondary School this year, and Victoria Guerrier is the salutatorian, according to NBC 12 News.

The sisters, who are all-state track and field athletes, claimed they helped each other get to this point. Their mother claims that they were competitive from the birth and that they still are, even though they don’t forget to push each other.

“Subjects like AP physics, I’m always over there, over her shoulder helping her,” Gloria Guerrier said to NBC 12 News. “And maybe in English, she gives me a hand.”

In addition to excelling in academics and on the field, the twins work part-time to help support their family. Their father got disabled in 2016, when they were 11 years old, and it was during this difficult time that they opted to work outside of school to help the family.


twin sisters Gloria and Victoria Guerrier


Furthermore, because their parents were Haitian immigrants, Victoria Guerrier and her sister felt compelled to work extremely hard in order not to squander the chance that had been provided to them. More than 42.4 million immigrants are currently living in the United States to pursue chances and ambitions.

Despite the political climate and threats they confront virtually every day, many of these immigrants believe in the American Dream and are optimistic about realizing it. Gloria and Victoria Guerrier are living their dream right now.

“Student-athletes who are genuinely kind-hearted people. They’re musicians, they work, they have jobs, they’re able to manage their time,” Principal Joe Pumo said of the twin sisters.

To manage their time, the sisters said they have a good attitude and “keep grinding and wanting to do.”

Gloria and Victoria Guerrier will be attending Yale on scholarships in the fall. Meanwhile, their track coach has been congratulating them on their accomplishments. “It’s unusual to come across not just one, but two students like them,” Zorskas remarked. “And they continue to amaze me on a regular basis.”


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