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WATCH: Michael B. Jordan Confronts a Red Carpet Reporter Who Used to Tease Him in School

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Michael B. Jordan appeared to have a chance to exact revenge on a red-carpet reporter who had previously acknowledged to taunting him while they were schoolmates. Yet, the Creed III actor and director made light of his interaction with old classmate Lore’l when she interviewed him at the film’s premiere event, according to Complex.

Lore’l, a Morning Hustle host, began the conversation by thanking Jordan and revealing that they were formerly classmates in New Jersey.

“We go way back, all the way back to Chad Science [Academy] in Newark,” she said.

Jordan then sarcastically replied by reminding his former schoolmate of something that was said about him on a podcast. “Oh yeah, I was the corny kid, right?” Jordan asked. Lore’l then responded with laughter and claimed she was “misquoted.” But Jordan, who was once named the “Sexiest Man Alive”, reiterated that he heard her refer to him as “corny.”

“No you did not hear me say that! I said we used to make fun of the name,” Lore’l insisted in her response. “But yeah, he is obviously killing things out here,” she added before asking him about Creed III and the rumor about a project he’s going to do with Will Smith. Lore’l concluded the interview by telling the actor he’s “not corny anymore.”

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According to MadameNoire, Lore’l made the “corny” remark during a conversation with Eva Marcille and Dominique da Diva on the Undressing Room podcast. The 36-year-old had become a talking point due to a Valentine’s Day gift he delivered to his ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey. The star rented an aquarium for the romantic day and even gave his ex-girlfriend Hermès stock certificates.

Dominique said Jordan’s gesture did not come as a surprise as the actor seemed to be “a nice, corny guy.” Lore’l then chimed in and spoke about her former schoolmate.

“You know what’s so crazy? I went to school with Michael B. Jordan at a point in life,” she started. “… And to be honest with you, we teased him all the damn time because his name was Michael Jordan. Let’s start there, and he was no Michael Jordan. And he also would come to school with a headshot. We lived in Newark, that’s the hood. We would make fun of him like, ‘What you gonna do with your stupid headshot!?’ And now look at him!”


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