Trump: Meet Three Other World Leaders Who Had Mugshots

Former US President Donald Trump became the first former US president in history to have his mugshot taken on Thursday.

He was temporarily detained and sent to the Fulton County Jail on charges related to his efforts to reverse Georgia’s 2020 election results. This is the fourth time this year that the Republican has faced criminal allegations.

He was subjected to some of the protocols of criminal defendant intake in the Fulton County Jail, including having his photo taken, which has now become a historical piece.

Trump is the first former president to have a mugshot, but he is not the first world leader to have one.

Here are three other former world leaders with mugshots.

1. Vladimir Lenin

Vladmir Lenin’s mugshot taken in 1885.

Lenin’s mugshot was taken in 1885, following his imprisonment for revolutionary activity by then-Russian monarch Czar Nicholas II. He was later sentenced to life in prison in Siberia.

When his exile in Siberia ended, Lenin returned to Russia, but twenty years later he became the leader of Soviet Russia.


2. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin’s mugshot taken in 1911

After repeated arrests for his Okhranka for revolutionary actions, Lenin’s successor, Joseph Stalin, had his mugshot taken in 1911.

He was condemned to two years in exile after serving seven months in prison and was transported to the settlement of Solvychegodsk. After seven months in exile, he disguised himself as a lady and fled to St. Petersburg on a train.

He was imprisoned for the second time in Baku while engaged in revolutionary operations, this time for terrorism, robbery, and revolutionary agitation in the Caucasus.


3. Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini’s mugshot was taken after his arrest in 1903.

The mugshot of the Italian dictator was taken in 1903, following his arrest in Bern, Switzerland, for urging a violent national strike. He was later repatriated to Italy, where he had fled to avoid military service.

He would go on to form the fascist movement in Italy a year later.

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