Top 7 African Countries with the Highest Divorce Rates


Divorce in Africa, like in many parts of the world, is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon influenced by a variety of social, cultural, economic, and legal factors. African societies are diverse, encompassing a wide range of traditions and belief systems, so the experiences and attitudes towards divorce can vary significantly from one region to another.

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In some regions of Africa, traditional marriage systems still coexist with modern legal frameworks. These systems may not provide the same legal protections for women as modern laws, and they can contribute to gender inequalities within marriage and divorce proceedings.

Divorce is a legal process that terminates a marriage, leaving both parties unmarried and free to remarry if they so desire. It may be a difficult and emotionally draining event for everyone concerned. Aside from the emotional toll, it can have severe financial consequences.

While data on divorce in Africa is scarce, a Wisevoter analysis provides insights into global divorce statistics by country.

The following African countries have the highest divorce rate:

Rank Country Divorce rate Global rank
1 Libya 2.5 per 1k 18
2 Egypt 2.2 per 1k 23
3 Mauritius 1.7 per 1k 50
4 Algeria 1.6 per 1k 53
5 Seychelles 1.5 per 1k 65
6 Sudan 1.5 per 1k 67
7 South Africa 0.6 per 1k 109

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