Top 10 US Cities Too Expensive for Most to Live In

Do you want to relocate to a new city? You probably can’t afford to reside in any of these ten cities in the United States. Each has an astonishingly high median household income and other surprising characteristics that make them very expensive to the average person. While your ambitions of being wealthy and living in luxury may not be realized just yet, you can continue to learn about these opulent cities and, perhaps, one day acquire a home there.

Bloomberg developed this ranking using data from the United States Census. These ten wealthiest cities in the United States are rated based on median household income and living standards, which are influenced by a variety of criteria such as education level, work prospects, and access to basic utilities.

1. Atherton, CA

Median household income: $450,696

With the highest median household income, Atherton draws a lot of attention from potential residents. The city’s proclivity for economic expansion, rewarding opportunities, and a thriving technology industry in Silicon Valley all contribute to its prosperity. Atherton features some of the greatest educational institutions in the country, including Menlo College, which allows most inhabitants to obtain a high level of education and attracts a thriving employment market. The city is also closer to San Francisco, therefore it has access to a variety of amenities.

2. Scarsdale, NY

Median household income: $417,335

New York is one of the most expensive states, yet Scarsdale has an incredibly high median household income, which directly contributes to a good standard of living. Scarsdale is conveniently located near New York City, providing easy access to numerous work prospects. The city has a thriving educational system that aggressively promotes high achievement, attracting wealthy families. It also has a larger real estate value than the surrounding cities, which directly benefits individual growth.

3. Cherry Hills Village, CO

Median household income: $394,259

Although Denver gets most of the attention, its neighbor boasts some of the most promising economic prospects. Cherry Hills Village is one of the wealthiest residential districts, which contributes to a stable economy and a higher standard of living. The city features world-class educational facilities, including the University of Denver, which attracts wealthy families and fosters economic growth. It also provides nice housing and a great living wage, which adds to its attraction.

4. Los Altos Hills, CA

Median household income: $386,174

Los Altos Hills, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, directly benefits from the rich tech hub’s opulent options, which significantly increase living standards. Los Altos Hills is also recognized for its affluent residential districts, which adds to its attraction. The city has beautiful green spaces and parks, which increase its appeal, enticing some wealthy families to relocate there. This, together with its strong educational progress and higher-than-average living salary, makes the city prosperous and appealing.

5. Hillsborough, CA

Median household income: $373,128

Hillsborough is well-known for its luxury leisure and residential neighborhoods, which contribute to its popularity among the wealthy. The city also has some of the highest property values, making it an appealing option for both inhabitants and prospective purchasers. Hillsborough’s amazing infrastructure and world-class amenities make settling in much easier; when combined with a robust job market and numerous opportunities, the city becomes a hub for success and progress.

6. Short Hills, NJ

Median household income: $367,491

Short Hills’ proximity to New York City provides access to excellent job and educational possibilities, hence boosting its economic stability. The city also has one of the greatest schools in town. The high-value real estate holdings in Short Hills greatly increase the city’s demand, enticing purchasers prepared to spend millions. Its upscale shopping environment and competitive living wage make it even more appealing to potential inhabitants.

7. Highland Park, TX

Median household income: $358,994

Highland Park is one of the most prosperous cities in the United States and the wealthiest in the state. It appeals to families looking for high-quality educational options because of its proximity to prestigious institutions such as Texas Tech University Health Sciences and the University of North Texas. Highland Park also has an excellent job market with frequent employment chances, making it one of the wealthiest cities in the United States.

8. Darien, CT

Median household income: $341,090

It appears that New York City is indirectly responsible for the success of some cities, including Darien, which has an excellent median household income. This affluent city suburb is one of the wealthiest in America, thanks to its high real estate value. The city also has outstanding job prospects and one of the most robust educational systems. It also serves as a hub for affluent families looking for housing in the New York City area.

9. Bronxville, NY

Median household income: $340,448

Bronxville’s rich historic architecture already places it at the top of tourists’ wish lists, therefore the city produces a lot of money only from tourism. However, Bronxville is a highly rich suburb, with a wealthier than average population. The city has many top-rated schools, making it an excellent candidate for high-paying jobs. Despite its opulence, Bronxville provides reasonable housing and excellent work opportunities, making it an appealing area to live.

10. Glencoe, IL

Median household income: $339,883

Glencoe is one of Illinois’ wealthiest communities, which naturally attracts affluent families. However, its popularity is not confined to its citizens; the tranquil seaside location adds to its allure. Glencoe is close to Chicago, thus despite its tranquil atmosphere, it provides convenient access to important amenities. The community also boasts several theaters and museums, which add to its wealth.

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