Top 10 African Countries With The Strongest Tank Forces in 2024

Combat tanks have long been an integral part of the military arsenal, providing unrivaled firepower, mobility, and protection on African battlefields.

Tanks were originally designed to address the issues of trench warfare, where they shattered enemy lines and provided cover for infantry advances.

Over the years, technical breakthroughs have converted combat tanks into highly sophisticated machines outfitted with cutting-edge weapons, advanced targeting systems, and composite armor to provide superior protection against current threats.

Many African countries, like everywhere else, maintain combat tank fleets to demonstrate their military power and readiness. Egypt, Eritrea, and Algeria have substantial tank inventories, which strengthens their defense strategy and deters possible adversaries.

These armored vehicles contribute to territorial integrity, insurgency suppression, and stability in conflict-prone areas.

Global Fire Power (GFP) recently released a research on African countries’ combat tank fleets. The research considers track-over-wheel concepts from all branches of the military, including the Army and Marine Corps. Vehicles include the German ‘Leopard 2’ and Russian T-90 Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), as well as light-class systems such as Thailand’s ‘Stingray’ light tank.

Products that are currently in development or on order for the following year will not be considered.

The ten African countries with the largest combat tank fleets are listed below.

RankCountryCombat Tank Stocks
10Democratic Republic of Congo210


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