Top 10 African Countries Ranked Highest in Human Freedom Index

The human freedom index is a quantitative evaluation of a country’s personal, civil, and economic freedoms. It considers a variety of issues, including the rule of law, property rights, freedom of expression and religion, and access to economic opportunities.

Wisevoter’s freedom index shows that Western European countries have a history of democratic governance and respect for individual rights, leading to better rankings.

Countries in the Middle East and North Africa tend to have lower freedom index scores, reflecting issues with political and civil liberties.

Mauritius leads Africa with a human freedom index of 8.07, followed by Botswana (7.9) and Seychelles (7.84). These countries consistently rank high in terms of personal and economic liberty, indicating a strong commitment to individual rights and free market ideals.

Overall, the human freedom index gives useful insights into the state of freedom in Africa, emphasizing the importance of ongoing efforts to defend and promote individual liberties.

The following are the ten African countries with the highest human freedom index.

RankCountryHuman freedom indexGlobal rank
7South Africa7.376
10Ivory Coast6.994

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