Tiltepec: From Humans to Animals, Every Living Being is Blind in this Village in Mexico

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There are many strange and unusual places on Earth. Some of them have been discovered, while others have not. Those that have been discovered pique the interest of all. Mexico has one such mystery village.


It is known as the ‘Village of the Blind’ since all living things, both humans and animals, lose their vision after a short time there.


‘Tiltepec’ is the name of the village. It is believed that newborns have vision at birth. However, they lose their vision within a few days.



According to folklore, the locals blame a cursed tree for their blindness. They say that anyone who views the tree loses their vision. No one wants to destroy the ‘Labhajuela’ tree because they believe it will hurt them. They claim that even birds and animals who come into contact with the tree lose their vision.


Scientists, on the other hand, have a different interpretation. They claim that the village is infested with a significant number of toxic-producing insects. It can bite both humans and animals. They say that if a villager gets bitten by a fly, he will lose his sight.


In the village, approximately 300 people live in 70 dwellings. The dwellings have no windows other than an exit and entry door. Fortunately, a few people in the community still have their sight, and they are a lifeline for those who have gone blind.

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