These Newborn Twins Share The Same Birthday With Their Parents

Jose Ervin Jr. and his fiancée, Scierra Blair, enjoy a special bond because they were born on the same day. In an unusual coincidence, their baby twins were born on the same day as them.

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According to the Independent, the twins, Jose Ervin III and A-ria Ervin, are fraternal twins who were born one minute apart and weighed just over 5 pounds at the Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital in Ohio.

The hospital shared the news on its Instagram page: “What are the odds?! Mom, Dad, and their newborn twins all share the same birthday today! A-ria and José were each born just over five pounds at Hillcrest Hospital. Congratulations to Scierra and José on their sweet, healthy babies!”

Ervin told Fox10 that the twins were not planned to be induced and were expected to come later this month. Blair, on the other hand, began to experience the onset of labor on August 17. During the medical examination, it was discovered that one of the babies was in a breached posture, prompting the physicians to urge a cesarean section for the safest birth possible.

Ervin expressed a desire for the twins to be born on August 18, which was their shared birthday. To make this possible, he suggested that Blair postpone the scheduled cesarean procedure.

“They were going to bring them in on August 17, so we said, ‘Let’s just wait until midnight’,” the 31-year-old father shared with WABI5 News.

Blair was initially skeptical of the concept, but she finally changed her mind and consented to it. As a result, the twins were born via cesarean section on August 18, aligning with their parents’ anniversary.

“It was very unique, and it’s a blessing, honestly. I didn’t know what I was going to be doing for my birthday. I just said I wanted a good gift, and God sent me my kids on my birthday,” Jose remarked.

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