Tausaga-Collins Wins US’ First-Ever World Championship Gold in Women’s Discus

On Tuesday, American Laulauga Tausaga-Collins won gold in the women’s discus at the 2023 World Athletic Championships in Budapest, Hungary, giving the United States its first-ever world championship gold in the event.

The Hawaii native, who had come last in the previous two global championships, won this year’s event with a tremendous throw of 69.49 meters, more than four meters better than her personal best.

“I can’t tell you what it means right now because I still can’t believe it. I have all the feels and no words. It’s amazing!” Tausaga-Collins told USA Network. Another American, Valarie Allman, took home silver with a fourth round 69.23m throw and Feng Bin from China won the bronze.

Tausaga-Collins, 25, said she dedicates the title to her mother and thanks her admirers on social media for their support. Tausaga-Collins stated in high school that she wanted to stay at home and read, but her mother persuaded her to participate in athletics.

“You are growing into a big girl. You’re getting very strong for no reason. We might as well put you somewhere,” her mom Aveaomalo told her, according to NBC Sports.

She attempted volleyball and basketball, and when she tried track, she was informed she could throw a steel ball instead. Tausaga-Collins heeded that suggestion and ended up at the University of Iowa, where she started discus and hasn’t looked back since.

According to CNN, she got a first-round foul before throwing a mediocre 52.28m in round two. But she came back stronger, which led to her victory.

“I don’t know if I have a fairy godmother or my ancestors had some say in it, but I was able to do something tonight that I didn’t think was possible,” Tausaga-Collins said, according to Reuters.

“I was confident if I was on my A-game I could sneak through into a medal place and not be 12th like I was in the last two world championships.

“It’s unbelievable to go from 12th to first. I just said to myself, ‘You need to let it out and if it fouls, then so be it’. But it sailed out to that big throw and here I am.”

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