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Texas Mom Sentenced for Drowning Children in Bathtub and Hiding Bodies Under Neighbor’s House

Sheborah Latrice Thomas
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Sheborah Latrice Thomas


A Texas mother sentenced to 40 years in prison on Monday after pleading guilty to the charges levied against her in the 2016 drowning of her two daughters in a bathtub at their home. Following the deaths, the suspect, known as Sheborah Latrice Thomas, concealed her children’s remains beneath a neighbor’s house, according to officials, according to PEOPLE.

Kayiana Thomas, 5, and Araylon “Ray Ray” Thomas, 7, were identified as the deceased minors. According to a press release from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Thomas was sentenced after pleading guilty to two charges of murder.

“This mother knew what she was doing, she knew it was wrong, and we vowed to seek justice for these two children,” District Attorney Kim Ogg said in the release. “This plea agreement means that family members will not have to testify and this woman cannot appeal her conviction or the sentence.”

According to the announcement, Thomas drowned Kayiana in the bathtub before she placed her daughter’s body on the bed. She then summoned her son Araylon to the bathroom before drowning him as well. The day after the deaths, Thomas threw her children’s bodies in a garbage at the back of the house and went to work, according to the release, adding that she also tried to get her salary early.


Later, Thomas sought to dig a grave for her deceased children. But, she was unable to dig a large enough hole and had to dispose of their bodies under a neighbor’s house, according to the announcement.

Police reportedly stated that Thomas alerted a friend about the drownings and informed him that she needed to leave town. Her companion assumed she was joking at first. After he saw she was genuine, he asked her more questions, according to the release, adding that Thomas also showed him where the bodies could be found. He then contacted Houston police.

According to Houston police, Thomas’ 12-year-old son was not present when she drowned her two other children, according to PEOPLE. He was uninjured, according to authorities. According to ABC 13, one of Thomas’ children was discovered strolling on the streets with an inebriated homeless man in 2012. As a result, she lost custody of her children. A family member reportedly stated that CPS and Houston police were called to the family’s home the day before she drowned her children.

Assistant District Attorney Sarah Moss said Thomas’ conviction “gives the family closure, and the children can finally be at rest.”


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