TaskRabbit: This App Helped A Black Freelancer Go From Living Paycheck To Paycheck To Living The Dream



Most people in this economy are seeking for ways to supplement their income. The beauty of living in a digital society is that you can get money by merely utilizing your phone.

Just ask Alexander Samuel, who demonstrates that if you put yourself out there, your bank account may grow. Samuel, like many others, told Business Insider in 2020 that he was living paycheck to paycheck but was searching for a change. He discovered TaskRabbit, an internet platform that connects freelance workers with those who need assistance with regular activities.

Samuel made a lot of money by hooking up with people who needed help moving. He soon realized that he was becoming more “financially stable.” “I was making enough to cover my bills and save over $10,000,” Samuel explained. “I’d never seen that kind of money before, and I couldn’t believe it was real.”

In just two years, the 33-year-old has earned more than $100,000 while working only 10 to 30 hours per week.

People are seeking for the next best thing while firms make news with huge layoffs. Forbes identified 30 ways people are obtaining financial freedom by working side jobs in addition to their normal 9-to-5 jobs. Rita Ting-Hopper is a lawyer who started Festi, a startup that assists people in monetizing their skills. Users have earned more than $30,000 thanks to the suggestions.

“We’ve learned that following your passion can lead to self-employment instead of unemployment,” Ting-Hopper says.

At now, the freelance market is on fire. According to the results of an Upwork poll, freelancing has increased to 39% from 36% in 2021. 46% of millennials and 43% of Gen Z claim they have freelanced.

The Bronx-based freelancer confesses that working with Taskrabbit is physically demanding, but the payoff is well worth it. He just has one bit of advice: put the consumer first. “Always go above and beyond for a client,” Samuel said. “It separates you from the rest.” Some other popular forms of income include becoming a virtual assistant, taking surveys, doing online tutoring, and more.

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