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Syreeta Scott To Shake Up Natural Hair Care Industry With Multi-Million Dollar Project



Syreeta Scott is a businesswoman with over 20 years of expertise who also founded the North Philadelphia natural hair care salon Duafe Holistic Hair Care. Scott left corporate America because he “got sick” of it and entered the hairstyling business. She allegedly worked at All States as an underwriter before starting Duafe Holistic Hair Care in 2001 and The Sable Collective retail shop in 2016.

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Ava DuVernay, Questlove, Smokey Robinson, Janet Jackson, Sonia Sanchez, and Lisa Cortés are just a few of the famous people she has styled. According to Scott, she started her salon business with $400 and has now developed it to a high-end level.

Through a multi-million dollar expansion project, Scott recently disclosed ambitions to transform the natural hair care industry. She will destroy her current location on the 3100 block of N. 22nd Street and build a four-story, 6,000 square foot facility in its place.

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The $34 million enlargement project will apparently be paid for through loans and support from influential local businesses. The commercial area will eventually feature a training facility for aspiring hair professionals as well as no fewer than 26 salon spaces maintained by individual stylists.


Syreeta Scott, CEO of Duafe Holistic Hair Care (Image courtesy of Syreeta Scott)

“The hope is that we’re not just creating jobs,” said Scott. “We’re creating stability. We’re fostering entrepreneurship and financial independence. We’re helping people create their legacy!”

In addition, the top floor will be for nine affordable luxury housing units aimed at helping the community. “We’re calling this a business incubator for natural hair care,” said Scott, according to mychesco. “We are teaching people how to become entrepreneurs, and we’re engaging the community. The goal of this new chapter of my business is to help men and women create their own legacy under the umbrella of Duafe.”

According to mychesco, “the company currently hosts 17 independent stylists – all with LLCs – and all will be given the opportunity to own their own suite as part of the new business model and keep 100% of their revenue, with Scott charging only a nominal fee for rent.”

It has not been simple for Scott to run a business, especially in the neighborhood where she grew up. “People are watching you as a leader, and I model what I am teaching. It’s business; it’s not personal, I used to believe. But the matter has meant a great deal to me personally. I look out for my neighborhood since I started everything on the backs of so many others. I was graciously given the opportunity to learn more, so if I can do it, I will,” she stated.



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