Stormy Daniels Offers to ‘Testify in Divorce Proceedings’ for Donald Trump’s Wife Melania


Stormy Daniels has offered to ‘testify in divorce proceedings’ for Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump.

The former porn star sat down with ITV’s Good Morning Britain to tell her own side of the story following Trump’s historic court appearance this week.

Talking about Melania with ITV, she said: ‘Anything I say is going to be speculation so I hesitate and assume she doesn’t need me or anyone else to speak for her.

‘Perhaps her not speaking is her speaking. Silence speaks volumes if you will.

‘I feel bad for her, she’s a mother. I would assume as a mother her main priority is her child.

‘The other side to that is we don’t know about their private life. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. We don’t know what kind of arrangement they had.

‘You know what I mean. I know some kind of freaky people. We don’t, we don’t know.

‘We can sit here and talk about it all day long but until she feels the need to speak for herself then we just won’t know.’

Asked if she wants to say anything to Melania, she said: ‘Call me if you need me to testify in your divorce proceedings.’

In her interview with Piers Morgan he asked her about the encounter with Trump in his penthouse suite in Lake Tahoe, California.

Morgan said: ‘You asked him on that first night about his wife, Melania. They’d only been married quite recently. She’d just given birth to their son. What did you feel about that?

‘You’ve been criticised for that part of it. You already said that.’

Daniels replied: ‘I didn’t think anything was going to happen, you know what I mean? Why would I assume this person was going to be half-dressed and outside a bathroom door when we had talked about his daughter, which people try to sexualise, and it absolutely wasn’t.


‘And he had shown me pictures of his wife and son. We were just talking about how cute he was. Not any different than if we showed pictures right now of each other’s kids.’

Trump made history when he became the first US president to face criminal charges.

The charges stem from allegations of money paid during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign to two women who alleged they had extramarital sexual encounters with him.


Trump has denied the allegations.


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