Single Mom and Her Children Receive Keys to New JWC HFH Home

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For young families, moving into a new house is a watershed moment. Victoria Gonzalez and her two daughters were given the keys to their new house on Thursday, June 1, thanks to the work of Jim Wells County Habitat for Humanity.


JWC HFH President Dale Wilson presented the keys to the 20th Habitat for Humanity home to Victoria Gonzalez. Pictured (L/R) Dale Wilson, Victoria Gonzalez, Ellianna Ruiz and Landon Alfaro


JWC HFH President Dale Wilson signed Gonzalez’s ownership papers and handed her the keys to her new home. Gonzalez and her children had been traveling around, dealing with landlords. When her daughter was born, she returned to her parents’ house. They stayed in one room because the other rooms were occupied by other family members.

“I’m supper excited (to move in),” Gonzalez said. “We’re moving in tonight.”

Pictured (L/R) JWC HFH Board Member Mike Bishop, President Dale Wilson, Homeowner Victoria Gonzalez, JWC HFH Sandy Wilson and Sandra Bowen.


Landon Alfaro and Ellianna Ruiz, her younger siblings, were now ready to move in. The kids were ecstatic throughout the house-building process. They were concerned about how the house would appear and how their rooms would be arranged.

Gonzalez’s family is the 20th to be helped by the non-profit organization in JWC. JWC HFH residences are not provided for free. Each house has a manageable mortgage. The purpose of Habitat for Humanity is to give families across the country with affordable and livable housing.

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