Single Dad Earns Master’s Degree While Working 3 Jobs to Care For His Son


Desmond Durham, a 36-year-old single father from Newark, New Jersey, is celebrating having earned his Master’s degree. He achieved the incredible feat while juggling three jobs and caring for his son.

Desmond earned his degree in Educational Leadership at Montclair State University. He was a full-time student while he balanced his 3 jobs — a teacher to kids, a GED instructor to adults, and a basketball trainer to kids.

“I never considered myself being the smartest person but the drive and the determination to keep going,” Desmond told ABC7. “Dedication, hard work, and long days, long nights, it’s the will.”

His nine-year-old son, who was with him all throughout his journey, served as his motivation.

“My son is my reason to keep pushing forward. When he looks at me, I can’t give up,” he said.

Desmond’s dedication and potential amid his demanding schedule were recognized by his professors. Rachel Garver, one of his professors, said, “I knew how much he had on his plate and was impressed with everything he was able to handle and hand in such quality graduate school work.”

Desmond’s ultimate goal is to become a high school principal, hoping to be a “reflection and positive light” for his students in Newark, he said.

At his graduation, Desmond was surrounded by his loved ones, including his mother and son. His achievement serves as an inspiration to others, proving that with perseverance, any goal is within reach.

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