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R. Kelly Sues U.S. Prison Officials for Leaking His Information

R. Kelly, the disgraced R&B singer, has filed a lawsuit against US federal prison officials for disclosing some of his private information to an Internet blogger.

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The imprisoned musician filed a complaint against the United States government, a handful of Bureau of Prisons employees, and blogger Tasha K, alleging that they conspired to disclose his private problems while he was in custody in Chicago during his case there.


He alleged that three anonymous BOP officials at the jail where he was being kept accessed the internal system that logged everything he did within their gates, including email communication, private calls, visitor records, and so on.


Kelly and his lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, believe the officials had a deal with Tasha K to provide her with Kelly’s personal information in exchange for money.


The artist claimed that the material obtained by Tasha, who has a large YouTube following, harmed his reputation, invaded his privacy, and caused him severe mental anguish.


He further claimed that the United States government was irresponsible in enabling its jail personnel to purportedly access and disseminate this information, and he is seeking significant monetary damages.


Tasha has already addressed these allegations, which Kelly made public years before this complaint, and has denied any involvement in criminal activities.


Kelly’s claims in this article extend back to 2019. Since his conviction in the Chicago case, he has been transferred to a federal penitentiary in North Carolina to serve his lengthy term.


Tasha K, on the other hand, is the lady who successfully sued Cardi B for slander.

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