Prince Harry ‘May Turn His Back on Meghan Markle’s Hollywood Lifestyle’ – Report

Prince Harry may be looking to “turn his back” on Meghan Markle’s star-studded Hollywood lifestyle, a new report claims.

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The Duke of Sussex has made his quest for ‘privacy’ known ever since he and Markle officially stepped away from royal life in 2020 and according to a report by the Daily Mail, Harry may now be looking to resume a subdued role following the axing of his wife’s Spotify podcast, “Archetypes.”


“The big question is how long before Harry turns his back on the showbusiness life, for which he is obviously ill-suited and seems entirely uncomfortable with?” Alison Boshoff wrote for the Daily Mail.

“In truth, Harry never really wanted to be a podcaster or a TV executive. He didn’t want to be the pepper to Meghan’s salt.”


The Duchess of Sussex’s $20 million deal with the streaming platform was discarded last month, with a joint statement from both parties being released to confirm the news.


There were just 12 episodes of “Archetypes,” which featured guests like Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, Mindy Kaling and Paris Hilton.


Meanwhile Netflix says it won’t end its relationship with the couple.

Harry and Markle signed an estimated $100 million contract with Netflix in 2021.

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