Prince Andrew Will Not Return To Public Duties Despite Royal Family Support

Prince Andrew will not return to public duties despite the Royal family’s public show of support for the Duke of York.

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The Duke of York, 63, was spotted in a car with the Prince and Princess of Wales on their way to church at Balmoral yesterday, in what has been described as a “public statement of togetherness.”


While Andrew appeared to be fully reintegrated into the royal family, experts believe Charles has stated that there is ‘no likelihood’ of his returning to royal duties.

A source told The Telegraph: ‘He has always been clear that the Duke is a much-loved member of the family, but that does not mean there will be a change in tack when it comes to his royal status.’


However, royal insiders allege that while Andrew will not return to public life, the King has made it clear ‘privately’ that he will ‘support his brother and help him get his life back on track’ – as evidenced by the Balmoral outing.


The disgraced duke, 63, was driven to church by Prince William, whose wife Catherine sat in the back seat.


They joined other family members at church as the Royal Family had their first summer break at the estate since the Queen’s death there a year ago.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told MailOnline the photographs of Prince Andrew travelling to church with the Waleses were ‘clearly intended to send a message of family unity’.

But he insisted it was not a sign Andrew could return to public duties in any form.


‘This is a sad time for the royal family on their customary break at Balmoral. They and the nation will shortly be commemorating a year since the death of the Queen,’ Mr Fitzwilliams said.


‘We know how close Andrew was to the late Queen, his appearance at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Memorial Service in March 2022, where he supported her physically whilst she was giving him emotional and financial support caused much controversy.


‘It has been reported that his allowance has been cut. It was rumoured that his tenure at Royal Lodge in Windsor, which is his home, was in danger.


‘He is also reportedly attempting to regain the police protection he lost when he stepped down from royal duties.’


But Mr. Fitzwilliams added: ‘It is important to stress that there is no possibility, as King Charles and Prince William have always realised, of him returning to public duties in any form.


‘A glance at his non-existent popularity ratings in the polls make the public mood very clear on this issue.


‘However what is being emphasised is harmony on a personal level and clearly he and his immediate family, who are also at Balmoral, will appreciate this a great deal, especially as the photographs we see today are such a very public statement of togetherness.’

William drove a Land Rover Defender with his uncle in the front seat on the way to church and his wife, the Princess of Wales, sitting behind. The passengers swapped seats after the service.


Andrew was invited on the summer trip by the King, who was said to have offered the olive branch to his brother so the whole family could be together at Balmoral.


The prince lost his official duties and his place in public life following the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal.

A lawsuit was also filed in which former teenage Epstein victim, Virginia Roberts, sued the duke over her claims that he had sex with her while she was under the paedophile financier’s control.


Andrew vehemently denied the allegations, but was told to stop using the title His Royal Highness, and all military titles and royal patronages were returned to the late Queen following demands by Charles and William.


Months later, he settled out of court with Ms. Roberts for a reported £12million without any admission of wrongdoing.


He is said to believe that a return to public life may be possible.

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