Philadelphia Centenarian Fulfills Birthday Wish After Meeting Michelle Obama

Photo via Michelle Obama on Facebook


On Saturday night, a South Philadelphia woman about to turn 100 crossed something off her bucket list when she finally met Michelle Obama. According to CBS News, Eloise Brown stated that meeting the former first lady was the only gift she desired for her birthday.

Her wish was granted. “It was the only gift I wanted for my birthday,” Brown explained. The elderly person is known to be upbeat and family-oriented. She has lived in the city for more than 80 years. And Brown was said to be overjoyed after meeting Obama.

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“I can’t even describe it,” Brown said. “Absolutely wonderful. All I wanted to do was just shake her hand and I did it.”

Last week, Brown’s family, friends, and local officials threw her a party. During the ceremony, she stated that meeting the former first lady was her only birthday wish as she turned 100.

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Obama, who spoke at an event in Philadelphia on Saturday to promote her new book, decided to grant Brown’s wish after her team learned of it. Brown was sent tickets to the event by the former first lady’s team. After Obama finished speaking to the audience, she went to meet Brown. Brown, fortunately, got the cherry on top when she met Michelle Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama.

“They were glad to see me and I was overjoyed to see them,” Brown recalled. “I can’t even express it.”

Brown, who marks her 100th birthday on November 22, said that meeting the former first lady was one of the highlights of her life.

“It is the greatest birthday I could ever have,” she said.




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