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‘Paralyzed’ Dallas Man Saved from Burning Car Searched for Good Samaritan for Days to Say Thank You

A disabled Dallas man who made an emotional national television appeal in search of a Good Samaritan who saved his life when the rental car he was in caught fire has now had the opportunity to thank his hero. Dennis Brown praised Tammi Arrington for risking her life to get him out of the automobile on Sunday.

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Arrington made certain that Brown was brought to safety before the car caught fire. The danger the Dallas man faced was oblivious to him in the midst of the turmoil, and he felt apathetic about not thanking Arrington for her heroic gesture.

According to the New York Post, his greatest issue was the starting point for his hunt for the Good Samaritan because he neglected to ask the name of Arrington during the life-threatening time. In an unexpected turn of events, Brown was reunited with Arrington on Wednesday morning following the terrifying tragedy that nearly took his life. According to the New York Post, the reunion happened many days after the Dallas guy went on a frantic hunt.

Arrington, 42, claimed that she was in the right position at the right time when she observed the automobile in flames. Her decision to forego a Costco trip with a buddy resulted in the life-saving intervention.

Arrington was in a friend’s apartment when he observed a car on fire and hurried outdoors, figuring it was vacant. However, she detected movement from the driver’s seat and realized there was someone inside. Arrington approached the truck without hesitation, unlocked the door, and frantically encouraged Brown to flee the growing flames.

However, when Arrington pushed him to get out of the car, his immobility rendered it impossible. She attempted to get his wheelchair at first, but knew time was of the key. Despite her small stature (5 feet 3 inches), she was able to get Brown out of the car and then assemble his wheelchair. They moved to safety together, a safe distance away from the scorching truck, until the local fire department arrived to put out the fire.

Brown never learnt Arrington’s name in the midst of the chaos. Despite his loved ones went over to her apartment to express their gratitude, they, too, missed out on learning her name. Unfortunately, when Brown returned later, Arrington had already left, leaving him unable to express his gratitude properly.

Brown expressed his gratitude to the anonymous Good Samaritan who rescued him from a dangerous scenario in an interview with Fox 4 after not meeting Arrington at home. He thanked her for her bravery, underlining that she put her own safety at danger to save him, and he wanted to express his profound gratitude.

Fortunately, Arrington’s buddy discovered the news report and alerted her. Arrington then contacted Fox 4, allowing the station to put her in touch with Brown. Their first exchange was filled with laughter as they recognized each other, with Brown exclaiming, “Tammi, this is Dennis, the guy in the wheelchair.”

Brown hopes to take Arrington out to eat with his mother one day to show his profound gratitude.

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