Noah Jacob: The Miracle Baby Changing the Modeling Industry

Noah Jacob, a 5-year-old boy with a good view on life, is already making a significant difference. Noah, widely known on the internet as “Super Noah,” was diagnosed with Down Syndrome while still in his mother’s womb.

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Many people pushed his parents to terminate the pregnancy at the time, but his mother, Yami Johnson, was adamant about keeping him. Noah, her fourth child, was born with severe health concerns, but he overcame them and grew.

According to BOTWC, Noah is currently pursuing a modeling career and has already obtained a contract with the New York Models agency’s youth section.

He recently appeared in a Target commercial that was shown at a number of retail locations. Some of his mother’s fans who saw the ad congratulated her and encouraged him.

One mother even photographed her daughter, who has the same health problem as Noah, in front of Noah’s poster, demonstrating how inspiring Noah has become for other young children with disabilities.

Johnson acknowledged her joy on social media and shared screenshots of fan responses with her followers. She thanked each and every one of her fans for their warm words.

She wrote, “OMG!!! I just want to thank all the followers nationwide who have posted or shared with me their pictures of Noah’s poster [Target]. I am so humbled and thankful for this opportunity. It’s funny how Noah is getting you to find a reason to shop. I’m also happy that my baby is doing what he loves (smiling for the camera) and showing the world that with love and faith, anything is possible.”

She added, “I also want to thank his modeling agency, @newyorkmodelskids and agent Megan for believing in him and seeing past his disability. I also want to thank @striderite team for loving Noah and consistently booking him for shoots for the last 3 years. These companies are opening so many doors for our babies; it’s amazing! I hope we can inspire more people to choose love and never give up on their dreams. Btw, the Christmas ad should be out soon. I can’t wait!!!!”

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