New Video Shows Tupac Shakur’s Final Moments Before Murder

Investigators showed rare photographs and footage of musician Tupac Shakur’s final days after making the first-ever arrest in connection with his murder. Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis is facing accusations in connection with the unfortunate death of the rapper in September 1996. The visual content’s release is a big step forward in the long-running inquiry into the unsolved crime.

The footage shows Shakur and Death Row Records CEO Marion ‘Suge’ Knight directing a huge group of people in an assault on rival gang member Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson in the lobby of the MGM Grand just before the fatal shooting.

Shakur and several gang members are seen kicking Anderson while he is on the ground in the video. Despite the presence of security guards, there is no intervention. According to the Daily Mail, Shakur and Knight eventually leave the scene before the cops arrive.

Law enforcement believes Anderson and his pals, including his uncle Davis, reassembled after the MGM Grand brawl with the accused intent of finding and killing Shakur on the same night.

Davis was detained in Henderson, Nevada, following a grand jury indictment on murder with a deadly weapon and gang enhancement charges. Davis was recognized as a member of the South Side Crips and a known narcotics trafficker by witnesses in the case.

Shakur had ties to gangs such as the Bloods and Mob Piru, but was not considered a member. Davis has freely discussed his claimed involvement in the rapper’s murder in numerous interviews for years, and he even described it in a biography recounting his life on the streets.

The initial arrest in connection with Shakur’s 1996 murder probe originates from the investigation into Biggie Smalls’ death. In September, Shakur was in a BMW driven by Knight when a Cadillac drove up next them, resulting in a fatal shooting. Shakur was shot numerous times and died a week later at the age of 25.

Davis has long been on the radar of investigators as one of four early suspicions. Although he has not been charged with being the gunman, authorities have portrayed him as the ringleader of the group in both news conferences and court procedures.

Investigators have revealed that they showed numerous images to grand jury members, including four of Shakur’s deceased body. The jury was also shown several interviews in which Davis discussed the crime. Davis is set to appear in court for the first time on Wednesday.

Knight, who was driving Shakur at the time of the killing, told TMZ that he has no intention of cooperating with police or testifying in Davis’ trial.

Watch the never-before-seen photos and videos released in Shakur’s murder case here.

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