Suge Knight Says He Won’t Testify Against 2pac Murder Suspect

There was a significant breakthrough in the investigation into Tupac Shakur’s unsolved murder after Las Vegas police detained a man in connection with the fatal gunfire over three decades ago. Despite the arrest of Duane “Keefe D” Davis on September 29, one of the eyewitnesses in the tragic incident, Suge Knight, has told TMZ that he will not testify against the defendant.

Tupac was signed to Death Row Records at the time of his death, and Knight, 58, co-founded the label. Knight and Tupac were also the only people sitting in the Black BMW in which the award-winning rapper was shot on September 13, 1996. Tupac was 25 years old when he was assassinated.

However, in an interview on Monday, Knight appeared to hint that officials made a mistake in arresting Davis, 60. He also refuted the claim that the suspect’s deceased cousin, Orlando Anderson, opened fire on them.

“There were only two people in the car,” Knight said in reference to the Las Vegas incident. “Pac’s not gonna tell the story, I ain’t gonna tell the story. But I can tell you this: I never had nothing bad to say about Orlando because … he wasn’t the shooter … It wasn’t Anderson, so that’s all I got to say about that part.”

Davis, a suspect who has long been on authorities’ radar, has freely admitted to being in the Cadillac during Tupac’s fatal drive-by shooting. Davis chronicled his experience in his memoir, “Compton Street Legend,” published in 2019. In the book, he also claimed that he supplied the murder weapon.

However, Knight, who is currently incarcerated after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter, remained silent regarding Davis’ role in the shooting.

“Me and Keefe D played on the same Pop Warner football team,” said Knight. “And whatever circumstances — if he had an involvement with anything, if he didn’t have an involvement with anything — I wouldn’t wish somebody going to prison on my worst enemy.”

Davis’ arrest comes two months after a police raid on his wife’s Henderson home, during which officials sought evidence related to Shakur’s death, according to CBS News.

Several computers, a cellphone, a hard drive, a Vibe magazine showing Shakur, 40-caliber bullets, photograph-filled canisters, and a copy of Davis’ 2019 memoir were taken during the raid.

Davis has since been charged with murder with the use of a dangerous weapon. Following his arrest, Lt. Jason Johansson of the Las Vegas Police Department’s Homicide Division stated that Davis was the “shot caller for this group of individuals that committed this crime,” adding that the suspect “orchestrated the plan that was carried out.”

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