Naomi Osaka Once Considered Going into Farming

naomi osaka

Leonard Francois was determined to launch his daughter, Naomi Osaka, to greatness despite the scourge of poverty and uncontrolled audacity. Through his determination, he hoped she would become a top tennis player. However, this came at a cost that Osaka would subsequently pay.

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Despite her accomplishments, including defeating Serena Williams in the US Open in 2018 and rising to the top of the world rankings, Osaka suffered from significant melancholy and feelings of inferiority as a result of parental pressure.

According to the Daily Mail, Osaka struggled with mental health issues and weird voices in her head while setting records and earning cash from endorsements.

Osaka appears to be an unhappy multimillionaire tennis star at the age of 26, according to reporter Ben Rothenberg’s new biography, “Naomi Osaka: Her Journey to Finding Her Power and Her Voice.”

According to Rothenberg, Osaka’s ongoing unhappiness has proven difficult for her to overcome, an emotion he witnessed while following the four-time Grand Slam winner on tour. The tennis player opened out about her struggle to explain and confront a lingering feeling, as well as her doubt about how to overcome it.

Osaka was nurtured in poverty and spurred into tennis by her ambitious father, who has been outspoken about her mental health difficulties. Her early motivation in tennis sprang from a desire to defeat her sister rather than a love of the sport itself. Osaka’s competitive drive manifested at a young age, standing at 5’11” compared to her sister Mari’s 5’5″.

She has publicly admitted to having two inner voices, generally favoring the softer, more optimistic one. On the tennis court, however, a severe and distinct voice may be heard. She claimed that the expectations grew too much for her, causing her to cry during games and shun post-game news conferences.

According to journalist Rothenberg, despite reaching the top of her sport as the No. 1 player and being the highest-paid female athlete, Osaka remained dissatisfied.

Even while she was on her way to being the first billionaire female athlete, Osaka, who trails only Roger Federer, LeBron James, and Tiger Woods in earnings, questioned whether she could have accomplished more by the age of 22 and questioned the legitimacy of her achievements.

While Osaka’s tennis prowess is universally acknowledged, Rothenberg claimed that there are concerns about her mental preparedness for the hurdles she encountered.

Osaka confessed that she had pondered the meaning of her life before a match in Charleston. She even contemplated purchasing a farm and farming instead. She stated a desire to lose the match so she wouldn’t have to continue feeling overwhelmed. Osaka sought answers from her coach, who originally blamed her emotional state on exhaustion and stress.

Her emotional issues, according to the author, stem from her relationship with her father.

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