My Husband Dumped Me Because Of My Beard – Now I Love It and Refuse To Shave – Woman Says

Image: Jam Press/Rareshot


A woman who was dumped by her spouse after she unexpectedly acquired a moustache and beard has revealed that her facial hair is now her best feature.

Before marrying her ex-husband in 2012, Mandeep Kaur had never had facial hair. Nevertheless, things changed abruptly a few years into her marriage when she began to grow hair on her face and chin.

However, it resulted in her husband requesting a divorce, which plunged Mandeep into sadness.

Mandeep began attending a Gurdwara – a place of worship for Sikhs – to deal with her mental health, embrace her new characteristics, and cope with her recent rejection.


Mandeep has fully embraced her beard and now refuses to shave it off ( Image: Jam Press/Rareshot)


Guru Sahib has blessed her ever since. Mandeep learned to accept her hair thanks to its teachings, after years of beating herself up about it.

Mandeep has now refused to shave her hair, having come to terms with her appearance.

Instead, she had grown a full beard and wore it with a turban. Mandeep now rides a motorcycle, which adds to her new signature style.

Some have mistaken her for a male until she starts speaking. Mandeep, on the other hand, has thoroughly embraced her new look.

Mandeep, originally from Punjab, India, has taken up farming alongside her brothers.


The Punjab native did not experience facial hair until after she got married ( Image: Jam Press/Rareshot)


Mandeep isn’t the only lady who has come to terms with her facial hair. Harnaam Kaur, from Slough, has previously discussed how she learnt to accept her facial hair, which began sprouting when she was 11 years old.

Harnaam, who was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 12, endured twice-weekly waxing procedures for four years before deciding to grow out her beard.

Speaking to The Mirror, she said: “One day, shortly after my GCSEs, I made a decision.

It took a lot of strength but I thought, ‘I can either keep trying to fit in or I can be me.’”

Since then, Harnaam has become well-known on social media and has featured in Vogue Japan , Teen Vogue and Cosmo India, and has even given a TED Talk.


Mandeep styles her new look with a turban ( Image: Jam Press/Rareshot)


Another British woman, Morgan Coleman, also opened up about her facial hair, telling PlymouthLive about her experiences.

She first noticed she was developing hair on her cheeks, chin and neck when she was aged 11.

Morgan said: “I struggled every day for 15 years with hirsutism, and after spending a lot of time in hospital recently, I decided it’s time.

“I do struggle with self-confidence – after many years of bullying, it does have an impact on your self-confidence, but I am definitely feeling much more confident since I’ve decided to embrace my natural face.

“I am really at peace with it now. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel free – I wake up and that’s now the last thing I think about, it’s wonderful!”



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