Mother of Deceased Boy, Found in Suitcase, Arrested After 2-Year Evasion

After two years on the run, authorities in California caught and charged a woman with her son’s murder. As previously reported, Dejaune Anderson was declared sought when the body of her 5-year-old son was discovered in a bag in April 2022. Anderson claimed her son, Cairo Ammar Jordan, was possessed for months before his death.

Anderson was detained in Arcadia, California on Thursday, March 14, as reported by FOX 5 Atlanta. She has since been charged with murder, neglect of a dependent that resulted in death, and obstruction of justice.

Anderson was detained by Indiana State Police after a concerned citizen informed them to her whereabouts. The woman was apprehended as she was about to board a Los Angeles Metro Rail train. At the time of this revelation, Indiana authorities had traveled to California to question her and negotiate for her extradition.

An inquiry into Cairo’s death revealed that his mother used social media to say he needed an exorcism due to a demon possession, according to FOX 5 Vegas.

The bag containing Cairo’s body was discovered in Washington County on April 16, 2022. Anderson’s sister, Dawn Elaine Coleman, was also suspected of involvement in the minor’s death.

Coleman was arrested in California in October 2022 and accused with neglecting a dependant, resulting in death, and obstruction of justice. She was subsequently sentenced to 25 years in jail and five years on probation. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, she is required to testify against Anderson.

According to court records, Anderson posted on Facebook on December 5, 2021, about her son and the exorcism. In following posts, she claimed to have used her blood in a ceremony for her son. She is also reported to have sent further posts in March. In one of them, Anderson claimed that her son was possessed by a demon.

“Stop being engrossed in the vessels of this realm. You get caught up in how old the corpse is, whether it’s an adult or a child, etc. You have no idea it is a full-grown demon in a child’s body telling you what to do because you did not pick your soul. Anderson’s March 15, 2022 post said, “Better start using your third eye.”

The docs also said that police engaged Anderson in a chase in South Carolina several days before she uploaded the tweet. Her son and Coleman were also passengers in the automobile. Anderson was eventually caught and detained, although she was released later.

Anderson allegedly continued to share social media messages about exorcisms and a youngster afflicted by a demon. Authorities were also able to determine Anderson and Coleman were in Pekin, Indiana on April 14. Two days later, a mushroom hunter near the two suspects’ location discovered Cairo’s remains in a suitcase, according to FOX5 Vegas.

Police claim no one called them to report Cairo missing. According to court filings, the bag containing Cairo’s remains was shown in images and videos that Coleman shared on social media.

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