Moscow Bans Obama, 499 Other Americans From Entering Russia


In response to sanctions put in place by Washington, Russia announced on Friday that it has denied admission to 500 Americans, including former president Barack Obama.

“In response to the anti-Russian sanctions regularly imposed by the Biden administration… entry into the Russian Federation is closed for 500 Americans,” the foreign ministry said, adding that Obama was among those on the list.

On Friday, the United States added hundreds more companies and individuals to its sanctions blacklist as it broadened efforts to choke off Russia’s economy over the Ukraine offensive.

“Washington should have learned a long time ago that not a single hostile step against Russia will be left unanswered,” the foreign ministry said.

Among those listed were television hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers.

CNN anchor Erin Burnett and MSNBC presenters Rachel Maddow and Joe Scarborough were also included.

As well as the leaders of businesses that “supply weapons to Ukraine,” Russia claimed it has blacklisted senators, congressmen, and representatives of think tanks that were “involved in the spread of Russophobic attitudes and fakes.”

Evan Gershkovich, an imprisoned American journalist who was seized in March on suspicion of spying, received a consular visit from Russia, according to the same statement.

The denial was brought on by Washington’s denial of visas to reporters going to the UN in April with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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