Missy Elliott’s Mother to Watch Her Perform Live for the First Time Ever

Missy Elliott has announced that for the first time in decades, she would let her Christian mother, Patricia, to watch her perform live.


On Friday, October 3, the hip-hop legend, 52, will become the first female rapper to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


The Grammy-winning performer told Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts that, while she has previously avoided having her Christian mother in the crowd, she had made an exception in honor of her milestone occasion.


My mother has never seen me perform before,’ she explained on Thursday’s episode. ‘She’s seen me on TV but she has never been to a show. I had some little words I didn’t ever want her to hear. She’s coming for the first time.’


Missy, real name Melissa Arnette Elliott, was announced as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s first female rapper inductee in May.


When asked about the honor, she told Robin that ‘words cannot convey’ how she felt about it.


‘It just hasn’t clicked. When you are in the hip hop world, it seems so far out of reach,’ the Work It hitmaker explained.


‘And it being the 50th year of hip hop anniversary. Just the whole thing, it adds layers. 


‘No matter what people say, the hip hop world is something special and unique.’

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