Jay-Z Still Considered Father Despite Refusal to Take DNA Test – Activist

Essie Berry, an activist, is advocating for justice on behalf of Rymir Satterthwatie, 30, whom she claims is the illegitimate son of millionaire rapper and business magnate Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

Berry claims that Jay-Z was 23 years old when he and 16-year-old Wanda Satterthwatie, who is now deceased, became Rymir’s parents.

Jay-Z, on the other hand, has refused to take a DNA test, but under New Jersey state law, refusing to do so automatically makes him the biological father as long as he lives in the state.

The issue is that, according to Berry and Rymir’s Godmother, Dr. Lillie Coley, Jay-Z and his legal team committed fraud by concealing that he owns residential properties in New Jersey. They also accuse the New Jersey court system of fraud, claiming that it is shielding Jay-Z from prosecution and making it impossible for them to receive justice.

Dr. Coley comments, “We are calling on President Joe Biden and the New Jersey Courts to make changes in our legal system to protect Black Americans’ rights.”

She feels that other African American mothers have faced similar situations involving men fathering children and then leaving the state or deceiving the court system into believing that they never even lived in New Jersey.

Berry and Coley are both requesting an investigation into a decade of Fraud, Fraud Upon Court, Collusion, Conspiracy, Concealment of Evidence, Discrimination, Retaliation, Denial of Due Process, and Sealing Records with Allegations of Fraud from 2012 to 2023 in the case of Rymir. All of the allegations have been filed in Camden County, New Jersey.

They are asking for a Federal investigation on all Parties involved in the state of New Jersey.

In 2012, with case number. FD-04-2874-12, the jurisdiction fraud began when parties and attorneys provided misleading information about their client Shawn C. Carter aka Jay Z’s property holdings, causing damages.

Judge Nan Famular modified the parties’ legal designation in the case in 2013, case no. FD-04-186-14 (Civil Law Inheritance Case), by declaring Rymir’s mother Wanda, who was the defendant in the case, a Plaintiff in order to deny Rymir Inheritance Rights. The judge also permitted attorney Lise Fisher Hark to commit fraud and use a fictitious court.

Judge Charles W. Dortch Jr. case no. FD-04-2874-12 in violating due process towards parties by ignoring continuing fraud jurisdiction by this wealthy party Shawn C. Carter from 2014 to 2022.

Judge Stephen Polansky, case number. L-4749-14, made false statements in 2022 and refused to allow discovery or due process to substantiate claims. In 2019, Judge Samuel L. Bernadine directed Dr. Coley to obtain the documents she need from the white male. In 2021, Assignment Judge Deborah Silverman-Katz denied Dr. Coley’s 2021 modification petition case no. FD-04-2874-12 with a filing fee, claiming it was a “mileage reimbursement,” which was untrue. After four (4) months of holding onto the petition.

Judge Glenn Grant, who controls the Civil Rights Commission Board, blocked civil rights complaints filed by Dr. Lillie Coley, Rymir, and Wanda Satterthwaite from 2017 until 2023.
Attorneys who committed Fraud and Court Fraud, including Ned Hark, Lise Fisher Hark, Kenneth L. Winters, and their affiliated law firms: Fingermann Law Firm, Fisher Family Law, Haywood & Lloyd, and Jardim Meisner & Susser PC.

Appeal Judges including Judge Hoffman, Judges Simonelli, O’Connor, and Mary Whipple have reviewed orders obtained through deception, which is against the law. When an appeal is filed based on a fraudulently obtained judgment, the appellate court must declare the judgment void since it cannot review the merits.

The Appellant Court Division staff also conspired to reject appeals in 2022 by claiming they did not receive the appeal after it was signed for by staff attorney Marijean R. Stevens. Since March 2023, when no appeals were filed and the package was returned by white case manager Cara L. Dunn, Appellant Court Clerk Joseph Orlando, Esq has not returned filing fees of $250. Ms. Dunn was improperly assigned to the case in order to erase evidence. The goal of this conspiracy among staff, attorneys, and judges is to obstruct and interfere with the proper operation of the United States government in order to cover up a cover-up involving a celebrity, Jay Z.

All complaints were dismissed by Appellant Division Deputy John R. Grant. Because of this reliance, Rymir and Dr. Coley were unable to adequately fight their claims. As a result, it opened the door for subsequent acts of court fraud, which eventually led to an illegal pending lien on Coley’s home property, all of which arise from fraud.

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