Michelle Obama Opens Up About Family’s Living Arrangements, Says Daughters Now Sharing A Home

Sasha and Malia Obama are housemates in Los Angeles, their mother said — Photo via @michelleobama on Instagram


Sasha and Malia Obama are currently pursuing individual goals in Los Angeles, but they remain united under one roof. Former First Lady Michelle Obama revealed that her two daughters are housemates in “The City of Angels” in an interview with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on the Today show on Monday.

Michelle, who was on the show to promote her new book, “The Light We Carry,” joked about how her and her husband Barack were treated when their daughters invited them to their home for cocktails.

“We were going to take them to dinner, and they said, ‘Why don’t you come over to our spot for cocktails?’ And we were like, ‘OK let’s see what this is going to be like’. The martinis were a little weak. I don’t think they really knew what it was,” the 58-year-old recalled.

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Michelle also jokingly said she was taken aback when Sasha and Malia told them to put their drinks on a coaster. “I’m like, ‘You never used a coaster in my house.’ So now when it’s your stuff, you want to take care of it?” she recalled.

The Obama sisters are in California for a variety of reasons. Malia, 24, wants to work in television, while Malia, 21, is a student at the University of Southern California. And, while Michelle expressed happiness with her daughters’ close bond, she revealed that this wasn’t always the case.

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“The thing that I love the most is that those two girls are each other’s best friends,” Michelle said. “There was a period of time when they couldn’t stand each other, and I said, ‘You wait, you are going to wake up one day and you’re going to look over at that other person, and you’re going to know that you two share something very unique,’ especially given what they’ve been through.”

Michelle also stated that Sasha and Malia being in a situation where “they’re one another’s support systems” and “got each other’s backs” is “what a mother would want.”

Michelle also stated in the interview that, while she had several engagements during her time as first lady, her main priority was ensuring her children were properly raised. She claimed she got the idea from Toni Morrison.

“When I first came into the White House, when people asked me what my agenda was going to be, I said what I thought was not a controversial thing was that my first job is being ‘mom-in-chief,”’ she said. “If I couldn’t raise my children, make sure they got through that experience whole, how could I help anyone else?”

She added: “When times are tough, I try to focus on what I can control. Being a good mother to my girls was my first job, and then I can reach out and help every girl in the world. But my two had to be solid first.”

Morrison had been open about her regret of communicating with her children with “a critical eye.”

“What I have learned and she had learned is that kids are looking for that light,” said Michelle. “You want to greet them with your gladness because that’s what they want most in life.”



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