Michael Jackson’s Family Reclaims Singer’s Items Worth $1M ‘Stolen’ by His Sister’s Ex-fiancé

The estate of Michael Jackson has reached an agreement with Jeffré Phillips, a former fiancé of the late singer’s sister, La Toya Jackson. The particular details of the settlement, however, remain unknown.

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Phillips was accused of taking $1 million in items from Michael Jackson’s mansion following the pop star’s death in 2009. Items seized from the singer’s deathbed, pajamas, and other expensive possessions in the $25 million inheritance were featured.

Jackson’s estate had sought court assistance to recover Jackson’s items, which Phillips allegedly had after learning he intended to sell them. Phillips was accused of attempting to sell items he allegedly stole during his nine-day stay at Michael Jackson’s Los Angeles residence following the pop star’s death, according to legal records from June 2022.

According to the Daily Mail, Michael Jackson’s lawyers claimed that during his stay at the Carolwood House, Phillips stole various items, including the singer’s and his children’s iPhones, the singer’s driver’s license, prescription medication, clothing, handwritten notes, and a briefcase containing personal and business letters.

Phillips, according to Michael Jackson’s lawyers, committed a profoundly upsetting and callous conduct by snatching the pajamas Michael Jackson was wearing in his final hours of life. They also claimed that Phillips stole a resuscitation tube used on Michael Jackson during the frantic efforts to save the pop star’s life before his death.

On June 25, 2009, the 13th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, accusations were made against Phillips. The Jackson estate claimed that in December 2021, they received a tip indicating that Phillips was attempting to sell off things belonging to the late singer.

To authenticate the items’ authenticity, Phillips is said to have confessed to the auctioneer that he took them in the days following Michael Jackson’s death while residing at the mansion. According to Phillips, the auctioneer contacted the estate to authenticate the authenticity of Michael Jackson-related goods, including a pair of sunglasses allegedly worn by the singer with makeup still on them.

Michael Jackson’s legal team has recovered some of the artifacts Phillips allegedly stole, but they believe he still has home films and unreleased songs produced by the late singer before to his death.

Michael Jackson’s estate asked the court to order Phillips to return any things he allegedly stole from Jackson’s home. In August, a judge ordered a preliminary injunction prohibiting Phillips from selling any of these items. The estate filed additional court procedures to reclaim the property in November, placing its total value at $1 million.

Reports concerning a love relationship between Phillips and La Toya Jackson arose in the fall of 2009, some months after Michael Jackson’s death in June. Phillips proposed to La Toya Jackson in 2013, causing suspicion about their impending marriage in December of that year, which La Toya Jackson later denied.

Despite the fact that their engagement lasted until 2015, they eventually chose to split up. While they remained close friends, their present relationship status is unknown.


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