How Much is Haitian-Trinidadian Streamer Kai Cenat Making from Twitch and YouTube?

Kai Cenat is a Twitch and YouTube creator with a total of 22 million followers. With his gaming and pranks, the 21-year-old has captivated a large audience.

He has over 6.5 million followers on Twitch alone, making him the most-subscribed individual on the platform, and 4 million on YouTube. He began creating YouTube prank and challenge content in 2018 as a New York resident of Haitian and Trinidadian background.

By 2021, he had arrived on Twitch and had taken over the platform. Cenat rules Twitch in the same way as Khaby Lame rules TikTok. According to Rolling Stone, he rose to prominence through his gaming broadcasts and reactions to viral pop culture trends.

His actions have been wild and have prompted condemnation. Aside from disrupting college classrooms by boiling eggs in lecture halls, Cenat recently caused a ruckus in New York City after telling his millions of followers to gather in the Union Square area for free gaming consoles.

Twitch has also banned him several times. According to Rolling Stone, his first two bans were for inadvertently publishing obscene photographs while scrolling through a subreddit forum formed by his admirers. In 2022, he was banned for a month for making threatening remarks. He has received two bans this year alone. Viewers believe he was banned because he passed out on camera after taking cannabis edibles and allegedly imitated sexual activities in a game.

Nonetheless, he continues to persevere in the face of adversity. Several high-profile rappers, like Lil Uzi and 21 Savage, have appeared on his show for interviews and hangouts.

Cenat, like other content providers, has published his own singles as well as taken his work global. For example, a recent overseas trip resulted in the video “I Rented Us Girlfriends In Japan.”

In addition, in January 2023, he set a new record by livestreaming around the clock for a 30-day “subathon” to boost subscriptions. With over 300,000 paying viewers, he apparently shattered the previous record for active subscribers.

As a result of this shift, he was named “Streamer of the Year” at the Streamer Awards in March. He received a similar honor in October of last year. Cenat has the greatest engagement rate among Forbes Top Creators List 2023, with about 26% of his audience tuning in to watch his frenzied livestreams, according to Forbes.

His social media activities have earned him $4.7 million, according to Forbes. According to Forbes, this places him among the top-earning content providers in the world.

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