Meet Vivian Reddy, The South African Tycoon Behind $68.5 Million Oceans Mall Umhlanga

A monument to modern affluence appears along Durban’s stunning beachfront, where the azure waters of the Indian Ocean serenely embrace the shimmering golden dunes, courtesy of South African magnate Vivian Reddy. He not only changes the skyline of the city, but he also leaves an unforgettable impression on innumerable lives.

His most recent achievement, the $68.5-million Oceans Mall Umhlanga, stands as a testament to steadfast vision, persistence, and unwavering loyalty to the people of South Africa.

Vathasallum Reddy, better known as Vivian Reddy, is not confined to the pages of a financial report or the glass towers of corporate South Africa; he is a guy who has earned enormous riches while also altering his country’s economy.

Reddy’s rise to the pinnacle of South Africa’s corporate elite began in the early 1990s, during a watershed point in the country’s history. As apartheid fell and Nelson Mandela walked to freedom, Reddy began a journey that would lead to him becoming one of the country’s wealthiest businesspeople and a major supporter of the African National Congress (ANC).

His commercial expertise has led him to lead a conglomerate spanning the energy sector, casinos, healthcare, finance, and property development. However, it is Reddy’s passion to give back that distinguishes him.

Reddy presented the internationally recognized Oceans Mall in November 2022, a jewel in Umhlanga’s crown. It was more than simply a shopping mall; it was a lifeline for the neighborhood. The $68.5 million investment resulted in the creation of 1,300 permanent jobs for local citizens, in addition to the 3,500 jobs produced during construction.

What distinguishes Oceans Mall Umhlanga is its commitment to empowerment. In a country where economic disparities persist, this opulent mall is 65 percent black-owned and 100 percent black-owned, with the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) as a co-shareholder. It’s more than simply a shopping center; it’s a tribute to the power of economic inclusion.

But Reddy’s vision does not end there. The same year, he opened the $52.7 million Radisson Blu hotel in Umhlanga, Durban, a five-star wonder with 206 hotel rooms, 95 suites, a 36,000-square-meter mall, and approximately 500 flats.This famous resort represents Durban’s revival as a global destination, not merely a hotel. It demonstrates Reddy’s capacity to pivot, adapt, and invest for the future.

His foray into the hospitality and commercial property development industries followed the overwhelming success of Edison Power Group, of which Reddy is the founder and chairman. Edison Power Group is a power, casino, and hotel conglomerate, with Edison Power being a significant electrical engineering service provider in South Africa.

Reddy, 71, is not satisfied with simply collecting cash. He is heavily involved in South African philanthropy, supporting programs such as the Orphans of AIDS Trust Fund and contributing to projects such as the Wingen Heights Secondary School and a clinic in the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality.

His commitment to helping the impoverished demonstrates his conviction in the power of shared prosperity. Despite his enormous success, Reddy has a low-key public profile, preferring to let his actions speak louder than words. His story is not simply one of money; it is also one of resilience, empowerment, and a strong desire to make a better South Africa.


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