10 Companies Owned By Tanzanian Businessman Said Bakhresa

Since the 1970s, Said Salim Bakhresa, the multimillionaire behind Tanzania’s gigantic industrial conglomerate Bakhresa Group, has diversified into different industries.

Beginning with a small bakery selling baked products, he has guided his company to a substantial presence in East and Southern Africa.

Bakhresa Group controls around 40 different firms in a variety of industries. HowAfrica features ten of the Tanzanian magnate’s most profitable businesses:

1. Said Salim Bakhresa & Company Limited (SSB)

The Bakhresa Group’s flagship, SSB, operates in grain processing, transportation, and an inland container depot. Its mills acquired through Tanzania’s privatization initiative make it an East African wheat milling powerhouse. It operates a large transportation network and the Azam Inland Container Depot in Dar es Salaam.


2. Bakhresa Food Products Limited

It is a powerhouse in Tanzania’s food and beverage industry, producing and marketing the Azam and Uhai brands, which are renowned for their original taste and nutritional integrity.


3. Azam Bakeries Company Limited (ABCL)

ABCL, which was founded to meet the country’s growing demand for quality bread, currently produces a variety of sweet and savory biscuits and distributes widely in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


4. Azam TV

Azam TV provides cheap bouquet bundles to meet the needs of a wide population. In Tanzania’s PayTV industry, Azam TV competes hard with South African behemoth Multichoice, and they are doing well. More than 1.5 million people watch Azam TV.


5. Azam Media

It is the major production unit of the group’s Broadcast and Media Division, producing and airing programming across many channels and platforms, providing a diverse mix of entertainment, news, and sports.


6. Hotel Verde Zanzibar

This hotel, set to open in January 2020, intends to combine five-star luxury with sustainable environmental principles, with a 5-star rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa.


7. AzamPay Tanzania Limited

AzamPay is a digital revolution in East Africa, specializing in full online payment solutions for businesses.


8. Azam Marine Limited

Azam Marine is a renowned Tanzanian marine shipping firm. It creates high-end boats and allows freight and car transit between Tanzania’s major ports.


9. Azam Aviation

Azam Aviation provides charter flights using its dependable C208B EX Caravan One aircraft, offering enjoyable airborne adventures across Tanzania’s diverse landscapes.


10. Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries Limited

Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries Limited provides passenger and cargo services to Zanzibar, Pemba, and Tanga.

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