Meet the Black Father-Son Duo Developing Their Own Video Game

John Saunders and his 6-year-old game designer son, Logan, are the masterminds of a new video game in development dubbed “Pigeon’s Mission.” This game, created by their firm, Glowing Cheetah Studios, is a lively representation of Logan’s sketches, characters, and stories, and it is sure to fascinate the gaming community with its heartwarming narrative and pixel-packed adventure.

The brilliant concept for this video game is based largely on the doodles of a child who imagined a world where pigeons embark on perilous missions, to the digital landscapes that today bloom with life.

Logan’s father believes that “Pigeon’s Mission” exemplifies the boundless creativity of youthful minds. He goes on to say, “My son has turned daydreams into gameplay, breathing life into Archie, the game’s plucky pigeon protagonist, and his magical world of Pepper Pines (now that’s a tongue twister).”

Logan recognized the potential of his concept and collaborated with his father to form a dream team that included Benz, a remarkable Pixel Artist; Khrystyna, an exceptional Illustrator; and Gary, an incredible GameMaker developer. They have worked tirelessly to turn Logan’s sketches and ideas into a game that promises to not only entertain but also inspire.

“Pigeon’s Mission” is more than a game; it’s a voyage through a child’s imagination, designed to provide excitement and amazement to players of all ages,” John explains while demonstrating the game. “This game is my dream come true,” Logan says with a smile. “I can’t wait for everyone to meet Archie and explore his world!”

Logan’s vision for “Pigeon’s Mission” has been realized through a Kickstarter campaign that provides backers with special access and a chance to be a part of the inspiring story.

Logan and John said, “We’re inviting you to join us in making Logan’s dream a reality.” Your assistance will help us complete this fantastic journey, and we hope to inspire other parents to do the same with their children; we’re having a great time!”

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