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Meet The 16-Year-Old With A Content Company Who Landed Her Own Snapchat Show

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The media correspondent and content producer, who is only 16 years old, runs her own content company DT Entertainment and has interviewed Shaquille O’Neal, Jada Pinkett Smith, Gabrielle Union, and others.


The Georgia peach discovered her passion for the media sector early on, especially when she began working as a media correspondent.

Dai Time, inspired by Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, and Gen Z influencers, is leading DT Entertainment, which includes a magazine featuring young people making a difference.

In addition to running her own business, the adolescent is a member of the Snapchat family. Dai Time was chosen for the inaugural class of the 523 Content Accelerator Program after applying at the last minute. As previously reported, selected creators received a monthly payment of $10,000 to film content for Discover.

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Dai Time gets her own talk show, “It’s Dai Time,” thanks to the program, where she puts her own spin on discussing hot themes for Gen Z.

“Working with Snapchat and the other 18 producers has truly been a blessing,” Dai Time told AfroTech. “It’s a really big community, and it’s just so nice to have a bunch of people working alongside you who are going through the same thing as you.” It’s also really nice to have great people who care about you, what you’re doing, and where you’re going.”

Although she has had a successful career, Dai Time has experienced her own share of challenges.

“At first, it was definitely staying motivated. Everything is trial and error and what works for someone else most definitely will not always work for you. It definitely is sometimes discouraging when the people around you are making progress and you feel like yours may not be as [much] as theirs. Finding your place and finding what works for you is literally what social media is.”

She continued: “Now, after being in the industry for so many years, I feel like I can look around my room and find something to motivate me. And I’m extremely grateful for that.”

On top of pushing out content, Dai Time is applying to college. The scholar graduated from high school at just 15-years-old.


Dai Time is currently working on season 2 of “It’s Dai Time.” New episodes are released on Snapchat’s Discover page twice a week.


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