Meet Jalen Uboh, The Youngest Black Entrepreneur To Own A Fleet Of Trucks At 23



Jalen Uboh founded the multimillion-dollar company All American Freight. Jalen Uboh Enterprises’ freight trucking and logistics division is responsible for it.

According to Business Insider, he began his company with $500 in savings from some college friends, including his future business partner, Aubrey Evins. Uboh comes from a business family. As a result, entrepreneurship became a natural career path for him. He made some money by selling candy at school. He worked in the stadium’s ticketing office while in college.

“I had an entire operation with employees,” he told Business Insider. “I had my in-school session, where I would sell candy at school, and then I had my summer session, where I’d sell in my neighborhood.”

He had a fleet of four semi-tractor trailers at the age of 23. He became the youngest Black entrepreneur to own a truck fleet. Prior to entering the trucking industry, Uboh had a successful career in healthcare, real estate, and construction.

He also provided transportation and logistics services to the United States Department of Defense. This allowed him to save enough money to buy his trucks without incurring debt. According to Black Business, he uses the trucks to transport army tanks, army vehicles, ammunition, and food supplies.

Uboh stated that he was inspired to enter the trucking industry after seeing the comedy film War Dogs. The film tells the story of two young men who were awarded a $300 million Pentagon contract to arm America’s allies in Afghanistan. The film inspired Uboh to become a licensed and certified federal contractor in the United States. This resulted in the formation of JUBOH Companies, a conglomerate of award-winning companies in real estate, healthcare, transportation, government affairs, consulting, and education.

According to his profile, Uboh has managed and provided expertise on $200 million in deals in America and around the world. He has also represented leading companies in real estate development, banking and finance, construction and engineering, oil and gas, and waste management.

Uboh is also credited with constructing luxury estate homes on a new 200-plus acre golf course in an Atlanta suburb that was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

His other notable accomplishment to date is the establishment of Ellis & Whitmore Capital, a banking and financial services firm that has successfully funded more than $60 million in medium and small businesses since 2020.

Uboh graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Commercial Real Estate Development. Kennesaw State University also awarded him a degree in Economics and Finance.


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