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Meet Christon ‘The Truth’ Jones, Business Guru and Award-winning Motivational Speaker at 15

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‘The Truth’ Christon Jones is a CEO, day trader, investor, internationally best-selling author, award-winning certified Les Brown speaker, honor roll student, and more at the young age of 15.

The young achiever, according to his website,, uses his own experiences to demonstrate that anything is possible if you are ready to establish objectives, have a strategy, and take action, regardless of where you start or what your particular challenges may be.

In an interview with, The Truth said, “I don’t have the greatest accomplishment because I can always become better. However, what people consider my greatest accomplishment is probably my whole image or basically my mission that I’m currently on.”

In an interview with Canvas Rebel, Jones expressed his desire to leave a lasting legacy that will make him a well-known figure for many years to come. One in which he improves his own life as well as the lives of millions of families.

The Truth has talked on three different continents while sharing stages with eminent motivational speakers. She is a certified Les Brown Speaker. When he first met Les Brown at a Let’s Get Motivated Seminar when he was nine years old, the 15-year-old entrepreneur claimed he was motivated to become a worldwide speaker.

Being a speaker who travels frequently at such a young age, Jones acknowledged that “I had days where I would almost pass out trying to walk after coming back from flights every month, taking 9-10-hour flights at least 2-3 times a month at 10-years-old, going back and forth between countries.”

Through his company, Return on Investment LLC, he was already instructing class sizes of more than 1000 students on how to trade options, cover calls, and buy stocks at the age of 13. Jones has been investing for four years, and he is passionate about encouraging people to become wealthy.

When he was seven years old, he was tormented on the football field. This turned his goal of playing football into a nightmare and left him feeling miserable and hopeless. His coach benched him as well because he had nothing to contribute to the team, according to the coach. This inspired Jones to tackle the issue of bullying in youth sports and impart important life lessons to others in his first book, “The Win Within,” which he wrote at the age of eight. In fewer than 90 days, he sold more than 500 volumes.

Despite his early, enormous success, Jones still takes pleasure in football, biking, working out, playing Madden, and Fight Night.

According to Christon The Truth Jones, he expects to be completely debt-free in 5 years, make 7 or 6 figures, and have an additional 100,000+ in passive income. He sees himself in the future as healthy, content, and headed to a D1 university.

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