Meet Anade Davis, A Self-Taught Data Scientist Building Robot AI Smart Homes

According to recent smart home data, by 2024, 69.91 million US households would actively employ smart home gadgets. TechTarget defines a smart home as one that employs internet-connected gadgets to remotely monitor and regulate appliances and systems like lighting and heating.

Smart homes not only provide homeowners with protection and comfort, but they also save energy because smart devices power them. Anade Davis is a significant competitor in the growing smart home market, which is expected to reach $154.4 billion by 2024.

Davis, a 37-year-old data scientist and real estate entrepreneur, began his AI career at IBM’s Robots & Data Science in 2018. He currently founded AI Smart residences, a team of architects and engineers developing high-tech residences, according to Black News.

Davis, who studied Digital Technology at the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan, New York, has worked for leading companies such as Chegg and The World Data Science Institute, according to the site.

“We are introducing 24 one-of-a-kind high-tech smart homes equipped with AI technology. We are combining Construction Engineering and Artificial Intelligence to develop AI solar-powered smart homes, and we are creating the future living experience,” said Davis, who is also the CEO of Cryptoshare Holdings, which is valued at $3 million in 2023.

A home can take approximately seven months to build, according to the United States Census Bureau. Davis and his team use modern construction technologies such as robot 3D printers to quickly build solar-powered houses that contain Smart Surfaces, AI Appliances, Robot Assistants, and modern Electronics.

“We developed a strategy to build fully equipped smart homes in 90 days or less.” Davis told Black News that they use innovative construction processes to build houses quickly with high-quality materials at a reasonable cost, benefiting developers, investors, and future homeowners.

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