DJ Burns, Once 275 Pounds, Sheds 17% Body Weight for NBA Draft

One-time 275 pounds North Carolina State center DJ Burns feels Ozempic is not the only efficient approach to lose weight quickly. DJ Burns stated that he lost approximately 17% of his body weight naturally without the use of the controversial substance prior to his NBA Draft.

Burns, who is 6-foot-9, helped lead the Wolf Pack to the Final Four, where they were upset by Purdue and its 7-foot-4 big, Zach Edey. DJ Burns has lost almost 45 pounds in less than two months since declaring for next month’s NBA Draft, thanks to a weekly schedule of four 5 a.m. workouts.

Shams Charania reported Burns’ considerable weight loss on “Run It Back,” posting a snapshot of the slimmer athlete. Burns began his undergraduate career at Winthrop then transferred to NC State in 2022. He rapidly became one of the ACC’s premier post players, averaging 12.7 points per game over the last two seasons, according to the Daily Mail.

DJ Burns has pleased NBA scouts with his scoring efficiency, hitting 54% of his 2-point field-goal tries for the Wolfpack. Despite two excellent seasons at NC State, he is not currently regarded as a first-round choice, but that could change shortly.

There has even been talk of a possible transition to football, with NFL scouts apparently showing interest in the South Carolina native. In April, DJ Burns stated firmly that he had “zero” interest in continuing his football career beyond the season.

This was a slight departure from his remarks earlier that week on the “Dan Patrick Show,” when he stated that, while basketball was his first focus, he was not “a closed-minded person.” Burns acknowledged playing football in his youth.

“Until I got my first scholarship offer (for basketball), and then I quit immediately,” Burns stated.

Wolfpack coach Kevin Keatts did not receive any queries about Burns as a football player, citing that the sport does not fit Burns’ personality.

“No way he’s going to play football,” Keatts stated. I mean, listen, he has a fantastic touch. He is not the bully you believe he is. Did you spend some time with him? “He’s a Teddy Bear off the court.”



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