Meet A’Janay Lurry, One Of The Youngest Licensed Black Female Drone Pilots In U.S.


According to ABC 7 Chicago, a group of Corliss High School students became licensed drone pilots. They passed the FAA Drone Pilot Exam after weeks of preparation.

After passing the 60-question test, the students were recognized at a school assembly.

A’Janay Lurry, one of the youngest licensed drone pilots in the United States, is among the drone pilot students.

According to Big Thought, women of color make up less than 3% of certified drone pilots.

“It is kind of like playing a video game and I love video games,” Lurry shared, according to the outlet.

Lurry was also honest about the challenges that come with flying drones.

“It is sort of difficult, especially with the sectional chart and the runway,” she explained to the outlet.

“It is a great opportunity and an amazing learning experience,” Lurry also explained.


What’s Next For A’Janay Lurry?

The senior intends to major in engineering for her undergraduate studies the following year. Lurry will also fly drones to help pay for her college education.

Although the drone pilot program at Corliss High School began years ago, it took some time for the students to sign up. Now that they are aware of the available career opportunities, the students hope to assist others in taking advantage of them.

“The goal is to try to educate as many of the students who want to get into this emerging technology as possible,” instructor Brandon Parks said.

Student Jonathan Turner Shares His Excitement For The Drone Pilot Program

“It is really one of those things you wish you forgot how to do just to have the first time feeling again,” Turner said. “It is very inspiring just to have something like this at a small school like Corliss.”


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