Kenyan Firm Converts Plastic Waste Into Solar Freezers, Tackling Environmental Issues Sustainably

Purity Gakuo, CEO of Kuza Freezer in Kenya, skillfully recycles plastic waste components to manufacture freezers.

According to Africa News, Kuza Freezer is a youth-led firm headquartered in Mombasa, Kenya. And we are committed to offering cold storage solutions to small-scale fish value chain businesses, allowing them to sustainably increase their income and eliminate post-harvest losses.”

In three years of operation, the company has given over 350 equipment to clients, including ice salespeople, fish traders, poultry, and milk vendors.

Gakuo stated that a variety of products are manufactured, including those that may be put on-site and static freezers for use on fishing boats.Customers can pay in installments, and the freezers cost Ksh 100,000 ($700).

The plastic materials needed to make the freezers are gathered from the beach and sold to a firm, where workers convert them into pellets and mold them into cold storage units.

Every freezer has a solar-powered battery that charges in two hours and lasts up to seven hours.

The CEO of Nikogreen, a Nairobi-based sustainability consulting organization, noted that the revolutionary freezers solve important issues such as plastic waste and food security. “Food losses come about because we produce food which are perishable, but then we do not have enough infrastructure to deliver that food to the end consumers in time while it is fresh.”

Otieno said, “Secondly, we have a lot of rubbish, particularly plastic waste, that is suffocating our environment. They handle the issue of trash by collecting it, reusing it, and using it to construct the external body of the freezers.

Tearfund’s research reveals that plastic trash is “spiraling out of control” throughout Africa. If no action is taken, the region is expected to generate 116 million tons of plastic waste year by 2060, six times more than the 18 million tonnes produced in 2019.

Kuza Freezer offers a 70-liter freezer that can be put on the back of a motorcycle, making it ideal for delivering fish.

The corporation monitors the condition of its equipment by installing a tracking device on each unit. Kuza Freezer also offers free installation and training to consumers.

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