Kanye West Accuses Adidas of Selling Fake Yeezy Sneakers

Kanye West, a US musician, has accused Adidas of selling “fake” Yeezy sneakers.

West, who appeared to have discovered Adidas’ plans to sanction the ‘Steel Grey’ 350 V2s containing his designs, attacked his old business partner in an Instagram video released on Monday.

The rapper also claimed that the firm was suing him for trying to promote the Yeezy brand.

“Not only are they putting out fake colorways that are not approved, they are suing me for $250 million,” he wrote.

“They are also not paying me for these shoes that they are putting out that have my name on it.”



West accused the sports clothing manufacturer of utilizing “contract clauses” and “business experience” to “rape an artiste … in front of y’all in broad daylight”.

In a follow-up post, the rapper published what he called a “image of the fake sneaker” and urged his fans not to buy them.

Adidas ended their partnership with Kanye West in October 2022 due to his anti-Semitic social media posts.

The rapper claimed that Jews run Hollywood. West also stated that he was going “death con 3 on the Jewish people” – an apparent reference to the military ready condition.

His comments sparked widespread outrage, putting public pressure on the rapper’s business partners to cut connections with him.

According to reports, several companies and individuals have terminated relations with the rapper due to his anti-semitic sentiments.

West later apologized to the Jewish community for his antisemitic remarks.

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