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How Phillip Ashley Rix Became Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Chocolate Maker

Phillip Ashley Rix


Phillip Ashley Rix did not see a career in the food sector as a child, despite spending time in the kitchen with his grandmother in Memphis. Cooking was very important in his household.

Rix studied chemistry at school, despite his initial plans to go medical school. He eventually found himself in the business sector, specifically in the logistics supply chain for consumer packaged goods.

However, his career path altered in 2007 when he decided he wanted to become a chocolatier and manufacture chocolate for the rest of his life. His science knowledge came in help when he spent three years teaching himself to produce chocolate, resulting in the creation of Phillip Ashley Chocolates.


Rix established his own identity in the chocolate sector. He used his passion for painting to create gorgeous chocolates. In the same way that he learned to cook from his grandmother, he was introduced to Basquiat and Monet at a young age by his uncle, who was a professional painter who ran art galleries.

His chocolates were recently served at the Academy Awards. They are also consumed by celebrities like as Morgan Freeman and some of America’s most powerful business leaders. His chocolates are all named after people, beginning with his classic “Mama Jean,” a sweet potato-flavored dark chocolate ganache, and ending with his current 50-piece “Taste of America.”

According to Blac media, he also offers chocolate collections such as Taste of Memphis, which pays homage to his hometown, and the innovative Soul Food Collection, which includes fried chicken, Kool-Aid, collard green, and macaroni and cheese flavored bonbons.

“I wanted to manipulate chocolate and chemistry. I didn’t want to replicate anything that was out there. I wanted to know the science, and know the rules, so I could break them – mixing blue cheese and chocolate, to create a piece of art that’s almost a miniature dish; a flight of tastes in one thing, like fig jam and port,” Rix told Forbes.

Rix’s chocolate has recently named to Oprah’s prized Favorite Things list for 2020. “This combination of eight luscious, dark-chocolate cashew and milk-chocolate pecan turtles by Memphis chocolatier Phillip Ashley Rix is nearly the size of a tortoise!” “Recommend that lucky recipients quarter them,” Winfrey remarked at the time.

Regarding his sources of inspiration, Rix, dubbed “The Real-Life Willy Wonka,” told Travel + Leisure, “I am in this perpetual state of observation.” I’m constantly seeing, listening, smelling, and tasting in order to learn and find what’s out there in the world that I can transfer into chocolate.”



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