How Natalia Bryant Is Continuing Her Father’s Legacy

Natalia Bryant has revealed she will keep her father’s legacy alive.



The 20-year-old daughter of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant opened up about continuing the legacy of her dad’s “mamba mentality” mindset in a new interview with Elle.



“It’s putting your best foot forward at all times regardless of all the noise,” Natalia said.



“I want to make sure that mentality stays intact, because it can be so easy to give up on yourself when things get tough,” she added. “You have to remind yourself that with positivity and resilience you can do anything.”



While speaking with Elle about being the face of UGG’s newest campaign, “Feels Like UGG,” Bryant also explained how she navigates the difficult moments in her life by “focusing my energy on the things that bring me happiness.”



“I spend time with the people I love, like my family,” Natalia said. “I hang out with my friends, or listen to my favorite music. I do things that bring me peace and that put me in a much better headspace. I think it’s important to focus on the positive aspects life has to offer.”



Natalia lost her father, Kobe, and 13-year-old younger sister Gianna, when the two died tragically in a January 2020 helicopter crash along with seven other people.

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