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How I Started A Wildly Successful Food Truck And Restaurant By Accident – Derrick Bivens 

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“It was just one of those beautiful accidents,” Derrick Bivens said about how he started his Compton-based Billionaire Burger Boyz food truck and restaurant.

He wanted a burger and decided to make one himself, according to him. He then posted the results online, and the response was overwhelming. The positive feedback prompted him to open his food truck and restaurant. He was in the music industry before venturing into the culinary industry.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of burgers, including Fat Tony, Brutus, and Boosie. “One of the most popular is the Smokehouse Stack, featuring an Angus beef patty, Swiss-American cheese, grilled and fried onions, bacon, and BBQ sauce on a buttery brioche bun,” according to


Although the restaurant is located in Morena Valley, about an hour from Los Angeles, Bivens’ truck allows him to travel to other areas and reach a large number of customers. He also mentioned that the restaurant hosts events.

“We pretty much only have our (restaurant) location open in Moreno Valley, but the truck kind of moves around really does catering for the most part and events. But you can check us out at That’s where you can get all the updated information. And my social media is @billionaireburgerboyz, and that’s with a z,” he told

When the pandemic hit and many Black-owned businesses failed, business at his truck increased by 30 percent. “It feels amazing that people are coming out in droves and supporting us and showing us the love that we’ve shown them over the years,” Bivens said at the time.

Bivens claims his offerings are the best anywhere, and that no one will be disappointed after eating his burgers.

“[Billionaire Burger Boyz food truck and restaurant] are the real burger kings. We cook with a lot of flavor, we call it flavor by the pound. We just appreciate the support over the years, and we hope to keep doing this with the Rams.”



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