How I Lost A Million-Dollar Deal For Breaking Up With Kanye West – Actress Julia Fox

Dating musician Kanye West, according to actress Julia Fox, has been both a blessing and a nightmare. She said that following her divorce from West, she lost a lucrative deal with a fashion business.

Fox said in her novel “Down the Drain” that the rapper helped her get a million-dollar agreement with an Italian jeans manufacturer. Fox went on to say that West proposed the two of them working together during their early days of dating in January 2022.

Though she referred to West as “The Artist” in her memoir, she recalled him promising to assist her land a million-dollar deal, according to the Daily Mail.

“The next day, he puts me in touch with an Italian denim company and they start negotiating on my behalf,” she writes in the book. “I can’t believe this is my life, but I can definitely get used to it,” she continues. Fox and West made waves in January 2022 when they wore similar denim outfits to Paris Couture Week.

Their subsequent breakup, however, resulted in the cancellation of their contract, with Fox saying that as soon as she directed her publicist to announce their split, she realized the partnership was no longer in the works. She claimed she was told that if she did not have a relationship with West, there would be no agreement with denim.

Fox revealed unexpected facts about her brief romance with West in early 2022 in her novel. She recalled West offering to pay for her breast augmentation during a game of Uno. This surprising proposal happened when the two were staying in a hotel room together.

During a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, the actress claimed that while she initially felt a great connection with West and believed in the possibility of their relationship, West’s treatment of her fell short of her expectations. The rapper, she claims, made her feel like she was being manipulated.

She also stated that her relationship with West had a negative impact on her job chances because there were certain opportunities and activities she was prohibited from doing while dating West.

Despite the tremendous media scrutiny, she stressed that she didn’t lay too much emphasis on her connection with West. She stated the relationship was not as important to her as it appeared to others.

However, Fox stated that after her divorce with the rapper, she chose to take a break from dating and no longer saw the point in pursuing personal relationships. She believes that the idealized image of males in partnerships no longer applies to her.

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